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Food Supplements

S.No. Product Name Properties
01 Allovit-L Capsule Multi Vitamin with Lycopene and zinc
02 Allovit-L Syrup Multi Vitamin syp with Lycopene and zinc
03 Allovit Gold Capsule Multi vitamin with omega 3 fatty acids, grape seed extract
04 Allovit Plus Powder Protien powder
05 Zactogut Capsule Pre Biotic Pro Biotic cap
06 Pause-Pro Protien powder for ladies after menopause
07 Grow Champ Protien powder for kids
08 Hair Glory For grey hair and hair fall
09 Bless-Mom Powder for lactating mothers
10 Zanringa Febuxostate 40mg
11 Argical-LZ L- Arginine, L- Lysine, Zinc, Calcium Citrate & Vitamin B6 Cap